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3rd QTR 2021


Our long-awaited first edition is here. Will keep it short as possible which is the plan going forward just to share some items that may be of interest from the optical world and informing you of any changes to MobilEyez®USA.

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Chris Suchocki

Office Move!!

In all things mobile, the Morristown office has officially moved as of June 16.
All contact information has not changed except our address of course.

You can drop in by usual appointment at 175 Washington Street
There is now ample parking in the rear lot.
Just across the way from Burnham Park/Lake. .

175 Washington Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

A site to behold

Visit the MobilEyez® website here

Well if you are here reading this news then you are on the site, but without the usual links and feel. 

So feel free to rummage around especially in the Content pages by following the link given above.

A Safe Practice

We practice safe measures per CDC Guidelines.
We keep one of the aspects we are distinctly known for - a comfortable experience.
Now even safer due to the pandemic; we employ air purification at the office and ensure equipment is sanitized.

Visits are still by Appointment Only!

Info Sharing Corner

We’d like to share some videos from BlueTech which are also available via our website.

MobilEyez ® USA

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