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From Our Customers

Michael G. from Wisconsin

"I am from Milwaukee, WI, and was in town visiting a dear friend and performing some carpentry work on his beautiful home in Morristown and had misplaced my glasses, (which were actually over-the-counter cheater glasses from a pharmacy back home). A friend suggested Mobileyez for replacements. The team at Mobileyez had performed a quick eye exam to ensure that I wasn’t possibly causing more problems with perhaps the wrong strength of off the shelf glasses and also pointed out that each eye may not require the same grind, thus wearing this type of glasses may place a strain on one eye over the other. After a brief exam, they had pinpointed the correct lens for me to work at my normal field of view and, something that I had not thought of, another for close-up work of which I also require. ( I do not prefer bifocals of any type). They had shown me sets of designer frames that are sturdy for my type of work that does not at all appear to look like a worker’s typical frame. These were smart and fashionable, and as I get older I think it is important for me to look my best wherever I am. When I received these new glasses, I was surprised to see that the frames were each a different color, something I had not asked for, but quickly realized later while working, that I now know of which pair has which strength. (Pure genius) Thank you so much, Chris and the thoughtful team at Mobileyez!"

Charles Way (2017)

"Chris came to our offices and was excellent in fitting us with all of our eyewear needs. I highly recommend this company to any business as it's a great benefit for employees."

Tony P.

"MobilEyez ROCKS!!! I live next door to two Optometrists who run a local eye care store – fine well-trained folks, who are good at what they do – but, I STILL choose to use Chris and Team MobilEyez. Why? Because they are GREAT at what they do! From convenience and expertise to selection, price, and assurance of an excellent fit, they ARE the whole package. And, you don’t feel like a ‘number,’ as Chris makes sure everyone is treated to a one-on-one executive-level eye-care experience! I SIMPLY LOVE MY NEW GLASSES FROM MOBILEYEZ!!!"

Alan Y. from NJ

"MobilEyez provided me with quick, clear, and friendly service. The products in lens and frame are top notch and working with the team has been one of the easiest to deal with. Their professional experience and attitude are very obvious and I hold no regrets since I’ve taken them on as a long-time customer."

"Cheers MobilEyez!"

Denise S.

"MobilEyez was so helpful when I needed a new pair of glasses. Chris helped me find a great pair that not only fit comfortably but looked stylish.  For someone who wears contacts, I found myself wanting to wear my new glasses more often! Customer service was outstanding and I will continue to use MobilEyez for all my future needs."

Dan F. from Basking Ridge NJ

"I have been going to Chris for years to get my glasses. He is always up on the latest fashion trends and lens technology. His customer service is superb and his prices are very competitive. I won't take my business anywhere else!"

Howard R. & Family

"We have been using Chris for our eye wear needs for over 10 years. He continues to provide the best personal care and service in finding the eyewear that my entire family needs. He has helped us for both glasses and contacts. He is very patient and will work with you to find what you want and need in eyewear, but he also has a great eye in recommending what will make you look your best when selecting glasses. We would recommend Chris and MobilEyez to everyone who needs to eye wear."

Robin, Montclair NJ

"I've been going to Chris for over 8 years. He always helps me with the right frames that correctly flatter my face. He is very nice and professional. He always makes extra time for me if I've had any problems. I recommend him to all my 4 eyed friends."