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Technical Content

The following are lens types that can be associated with Computer glasses:

  • Single Vision
  • Occupational Progressive
  • Occupational Bifocal
  • Occupational Trifocal

Not everyone may feel impacted by their usage of the devices and their screens emitting such Blue Light amount. Therefore, those not impacted may not be candidates. Consult your doctor to determine if you are a candidate, and your optometrist to find the best glasses for your needs.

They have special lenses that filter out the Blue Light impact that a person is subjected to with today’s LED and high-resolution screens. Screens commonly and increasingly found on devices such as Smart Phones, computer monitors, and tablets. Some office lighting as well can add to this impact upon a person’s eyes.

Here is a link to a thorough explanation between the two and an Ophthalmologist as well.

AR stands for Anti-Reflective.  It is a coating applied to lenses to reduce glare and reflections.  The coating can produce a much clearer vision, especially at night.  The best example is how the glare of oncoming vehicles or any other lights while driving can be reduced or eliminated and keeping a safer vision.


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