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  • Eyeque ™
  • Lenses

Eyeque ™ is an ingenious tool that executes the similar steps the eye doctor employs.  Their site link.

Check out this really innovative product called MyEye™ from ORCAM.

This allows you to hear any text as you read it, point your finger to identify familiar objects and more.

Specialized "computer" lenses are manufactured to reduce the negative impacts of Blue Light. This provides the same security blanket for your eyes as smart phone apps that reduce brightness. 

Some lenses may include an Anti-Reflective coating. This may provide a yellowish tint as it reduces the harmful side effects of glare. Glare is especially a danger while driving a vehicle and more so during night time. You may see "AR" on your optical invoice which of course is the abbreviation for Anti-Reflective.